Patience is a Virtue

Preface: I am a total rule-follower. 
Yesterday afternoon, I went to Sam’s to get gas. (Quick tip: if you have a Sam’s card and a convenient Sam’s location, it’s worth it to get your gas there most of the time. On average, it’s anywhere from 2 to 10 cents cheaper, depending on the day.) It was pretty crowded, and the lanes are set up where you are only supposed to drive in from one direction; everyone who was there had gas tanks on the left side of their vehicle. The right side lanes were open–all of them. 

As I waited in line to get my gas from the correct lane (behind the lady who couldn’t work the credit card machine, no less), people started backing in, pulling in on the wrong side and stretching the hose over their car, and doing all sorts of tricks to try to get to those right side pumps and still sort of follow the rules. Basically, they ended up blocking other gas lanes, having to move their cars to make the nozzle reach, and pretty much making a mess of it all. Are they really that busy that waiting in line a couple of minutes is that big of a deal? 

Side note: I think it is really silly the way the pumps are set up, but it made a huge mess when people started trying to do it their own way. Just be patient, people.

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