Have Your Cake…

And if it’s good, eat it, too!

T-Paw makes a killer chocolate cake. I can’t duplicate it. I haven’t even tried in several years because it’s rarely the same. I’ll try again soon. I need to be able to make this cake. It’s delicious. I love it. 

This is NOT T-Paw’s cake. It is, however, the closest I’ve ever had (minus the pecans–bleh). Usually I don’t even try other chocolate cake. This one had a look about it, though. I’ve been known to order chocolate cake, look at it, and not eat it. The key is in the icing–not frosting, icing. (Side note: these are my own made up definitions. I have no idea if they are accurate according to anyone who bakes professionally and has a clue about these sorts of things.) 

To me, frosting is a fluffy, matte-colored, thickly coated cake or cupcake coating. Icing is glossy, thinner, and usually gets a little coating over the top that might crack or crinkle after it has set; additionally, icing might be cooked, rather than just mixed. Again, these are only my definitions. 

T-Paw’s cake has cooked icing. I can make the icing. The cake above had cooked icing. It was good icing. It’s rare that I say that about icing. 

This is T-Paw’s cake. It’s thousands of times better if it’s microwaved a touch before eating; this is a 21-23 second piece. You want it just warm enough that the bottom of the icing (the part touching the cake) darkens a little. Yum! 

When I master it, I’ll have you all over for T-Paw’s cake!

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