Take Me Out to the Ballgame…

Last weekend, my nephew conveniently had two t-ball games instead of just one. We took the opportunity to make the trip south to make our trip a little more worth the while. My little stud is the third baseman, and he is quite the hitter–he has had at least one homerun in every game so far!

He’s pretty serious on the field, so I loved when he was back pedaling to third base and tripped himself up! Those feet went straight up in the air! 

This is much more like it! He’s got a great arm, too! 

Rounding those bases to head home! Go, 10, go! 

Mr. Mischief, here, is a whole ‘nother story! Don’t those baby blues just melt your heart, though? The snow-cone-blue lips are pretty killer, too! 

Of course, no trip south would be complete without a Harrell’s vanilla Dr Pepper and a trip to Lydia’s! 

We had a yummy breakfast with great company! G was finally in town when we were down–we always seem to miss her! Thanks for meeting us, ladies! 

My nephew’s team won both games while we were there, and they’re undefeated this season (a big turn around since last season). I can’t wait to watch him as he grows–and get ol’ Mr. Mischief playing, too!

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