I Scream; You Scream…

We all scream for ICE CREAM! 

A while back, someone suggested the Blue Bell Fun Run to me when I was looking for a 5K to run. The date was out of my six month goal time, but the race looked like fun. This year, they added a 10K progressive relay to their race choices. Aunt B, Auntie Heather, LC, and I decided to run it! 

I ran the first leg; LC the second (thank goodness she caught us up); Aunt B and Auntie Heather were the third and fourth legs, but they ran them together. I was pretty proud of my run, even though I was sixteen seconds shy of my goal. I finished my mile in 10:01 before handing off to LC. For the first time EVER (counting high school cross country when I was technically “in shape”) I didn’t finish at the “back of the pack” like I usually do! I was in the middle to front of the group. Crazy! 
Auntie Heather saved the day with her arm band; I forgot mine, and I like to run with my GPS timer to coach myself a little. Sadly, my little lady didn’t talk to me during the run. I thought I was keeping my pace until I looked down with about 200 or 300 yards to go. I made up what little time I could in that stretch. I was bummed I didn’t hit my 9:45 goal, but still pleased with a 10 minute mile (I don’t know the last time I saw one of those).

LC caught us up to second place during her leg, and Aunt B & Auntie Heather held it to finish! The group that beat us was co-ed, and they only had us by less than a minute. All the divisions were awarded through third place, so we stuck around for the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, the relay only got an award for first place. No medal, no champion ice cream scoop, nothing. 

Sweet Caroline mid-photo shoot… “Bum, bum, bum…”
 We got jipped! We did have a lot of fun, though–and a lot of ice cream!

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