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I miss old black & white TV shows. I miss when TV Land and Nick at Nite (yes, I spelled that correctly) actually had shows that weren’t on in my lifetime (or were from early in my life). I also like shows from when I was younger (yep, still). I rarely watch live TV. Usually, I catch any shows I’m interested in on hulu or Netflix after the fact. I even watch current shows this way. 

If I could create a programming line-up, here’s what it would have: 

Boy Meets World
I Love Lucy
Family Affair
Mary Tyler Moore
Bewitched (I only like one Darrin, though)
The Torkelsons 
Saved by the Bell: The College Years 
The Brady Bunch
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Eight is Enough
Three’s Company (with Suzanne Somers)
The Wonder Years
Growing Pains
Clarissa Explains it All
Home Improvement
Grace Under Fire

Maybe there are more, but those for sure. Yes, those say a lot about me. Ugh. I’d really be unproductive if I could watch old sitcoms all day.

What shows would be in your perfect line-up? 

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  1. This is why we are best friends…..i watch I love lucy shows on Saturday mornings and I watch TV Land at night. NOTHING beats these shows and I appreciate them more than i ever thought i would!

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