The Jogging Story

A little backstory for those of you just joining us: 
Before I had Baby Gray, I set a goal to run a 5K before he was six months old. I am not a runner; nor do I claim to be a runner. I am a jogger, at best. However, when I say I am going to run (jog) a 5K, I mean it. My goal was to complete a 5K without walking a step before Baby Gray was six months old. 
Completing my task: 
I set out to find the 5K I wanted to run a while back. I had until March 26th to complete my goal. I found a run in New Braunfels that I was interested in based on the cause it supported. I didn’t sign up at the time because it was so far out. I’m glad I didn’t because we ended up having a conflict that particular weekend.
Once that date was out, I had to find another race to run (jog). Everything that was within my time frame was pretty early or on a conflicting date. February 19th, there was a race here in town, so I just went with that–even though it was over a month before my goal. 
I had never run 3.1 miles before. The Thursday before the race, I stuck Baby Gray in the jogging stroller that finally arrived, and intervals of running and walking for 3.3 miles. I completed that in about 42 minutes, so I decided I’d make my goal 42 minutes for the 5K that Saturday. Baby Gray loved his first trip in his jogger, and, I have to say, this stroller was way worth all the hassle! It’s amazing!
Mr. Gray was set to run with me that Saturday, but when we got to the site, it was misting and gross. He and Baby Gray had to sit it out. I was pumped because I thought Mr. Gray would get some good photos, even if I didn’t have anyone to run with. My goal had gone from finishing the race to finishing in under 42 minutes; just to be sure, I set my pacer to keep me under 13:30. (I don’t really know what I would have done had I been going slower than that. I’m not big on picking up the pace once I slow down.)
We started off pretty smoothly, and my biggest concern was a couple of eight (or so) year-old girls who took off way too quickly. I just kept telling myself they didn’t know how to pace themselves. They did finally start walking and get behind me; it made me feel a little better about being super slow! As I was coming back around to the end, I started looking for Mr. Gray’s truck (remember, I was all about the photo ops from this goal of mine), but I didn’t see it. I kept reassuring myself that he was just around the next corner. Finally, I got to the finish line, and he wasn’t there. 
Thank goodness for a photographer (I have no idea who) at the finish line, even if he did have a rain drop on his lens right where my face is. (Notice the little girls with their dad behind me; I still beat them.) I finished in 39:46, which is pretty slow for a 5K, but under my goal! And… I didn’t walk a step! Woohoo! 
I crossed the finish line, stopped my timer, and called Mr. Gray to see what the heck happened to him. Unfortunately, Baby Gray got hungry, and they didn’t get back in time to see me finish. Boo. I may or may not have cried on the phone.
This is the yay-I-finished-and-I’m-not-dead photo! That, and the yay-my-husband-and-son-finally-got-here photo! 
What’s next: 
On April 9th, I’m running the Blue Bell Fun Run 10K relay with three of my best friends. It’s going to be super fun! Currently, I’m “speed training” using my own program. Don’t you worry, it’s tested. Works wonders. Right. 
I was going to run Beach to Bay with three of the same friends plus two others, but due to a scheduling conflict, I’m skipping it this year. Hopefully I can run it next year, though. I had a distance plan going for that run, but I won’t get to try it out yet. Maybe I’ll find a 10K to test out one of these days. Beach to Bay is 4.35 miles each, so it was going to be my stepping stone to a 10K, but now I might just have to take the plunge!


  1. I had a similar goal: run a 5k before turning 30. I had never ran more than a mile when I signed up for my race and (still) pretty much hate running. I ended up running my 5k when I was about eight weeks pregnant with a time of 36:13. And now I've been "suckered" in to running a 10k at the end of the month. I have not been training AT ALL and have still never ran more than 3.1 miles. I have no idea how I'll finish the 10k, but wish me luck!!

  2. Did you see the new "training sessons" on the Run Keeper app? they might be helpful. Very cool! Great goals! Keep it up! Hays will be happy when he gets to make the run with you.

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