Sweet, Sweet Honey-Do

We started off this glorious day with a little trip to Home Depot. We intended to get the four items (a light bulb for our bathroom, closet rods for my closet, rug grip, and seeds for our garden) on our list and head home. As we walked through Home Depot, Mr. Gray remembered his faucet had been leaking some. We went to the plumbing aisle to find a fix for the leak and left with faucets to outfit our double vanity and shower! 

Our house was built and designed by men. Men (in general) pay little attention to the details like having all the metals in the house sort of match. From the time I first walked into our home, I noticed the faucets were chrome and the rest of the metal in the kitchen and bathrooms was a rubbed bronze-style (not all the same shade, but not bright and flashy chrome). I have been wanting to change these faucets out forever, and we did it today! It makes so much difference. Our quick trip to Home Depot turned into an all day plumbing adventure, but it was fun.

We (and by we, I mean Mr. Gray) tackled my closet first. The wooden rods in my closet have bowed over the years; so they were slipping out of the brackets, and dumping my clothes (yes, they are in a particular order, for those of you wondering) all over the closet floor. Mr. Gray got the metal rods and we waited forever for the guy to cut them to fit in aisle eight.

Unfortunately, when we got them home, they were the wrong diameter and the cut was off. Back to Home Depot my wonderful husband went. He took one of the old, bowed rods with him for the second trip and came back with better-fitting rods.

Sadly, the second set of rods were also too short, so Mr. Gray had to shim them to fit. Although I lost a couple of inches of valuable closet space, I think it’s a small price to pay for the stability that will hopefully keep my closet from looking like it vomited. I also did a little rearranging to make some of my storage more efficient. Mr. Gray started on the sinks while I finished up my closet.

He changed out both sinks without a hitch! They look so different, and I love it! The shower was a team effort, but I mostly handed him stuff. The shower looks so good, too. I am so excited about the changes! 

I changed the vanity light bulb while Mr. Gray finished the sinks. Then the last thing on our original list was to get the grippy stuff for under our new rug. I took care of that while Mr. Gray finished the yard. (We also got seeds to try our container garden again, but we don’t have soil just yet.) I got the grip laid under the rug, and it’s snug as can be! 

Baby Gray was our little helper for our honey-do day; then he helped by taking a nap! I love productive days, and I love that my husband doesn’t mind falling in and taking care of things on his day off. We knocked out our whole list–plus some!


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