Too many times we want to have that over-the-top touch added to things. Sometimes we have to dial it back and remember to keep it simple. (As much as I don’t like to admit it sometimes.)
I had a near-perfect morning this morning, simply because of a cup of cocoa with homemade whipped cream on top. Mr. Gray didn’t even use my favorite mug for his coffee, so that made it even better! (And, yes, I keep heavy cream laying around just in case I need it for an event like this morning.) 
YUM! This was the perfect start to a gorgeous Saturday.
Speaking of gorgeous, our weather has been absolutely amazing lately. (Gosh, I must be getting old, talking about the weather!) I have been so grateful for a wonderful stroller to walk with Baby Gray on these great afternoons. I could get used to seventy-degrees, sunshine, and a slight breeze! (Don’t worry, I’ve lived in Texas long enough to know better.)

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