Right on Target

I was at Target this morning (this is true more days than I would like to admit), and as I went to check out, the cashier was explaining Target’s new debit card to the customer in front of me. A while back, Target switched their Red Card policy to include 5% off your total purchase each time you use your Red Card. I am in Target a lot, but I don’t do credit cards. I don’t even do credit cards to get 5% back several days a week. 
This debit card business really peaked my interest. It’d be just like using my debit card straight from my checking account. It literally took me three minutes (maybe) to get signed up, and I got to start getting 5% off today. 
I also had some Target mobile coupons (which are the COOLEST things–you can’t lose them, you don’t have to clip them, and they’re AWESOME) to use in addition to my 5% off. Yay, saving! Sign up for mobile coupons here. They send a text message to your phone and the cashier scans it straight from your screen. I’m a super lazy couponer, so this works perfectly for me! My friend over at A Little Slice of Life is a much better couponer, so if you’re interested in saving much more, check her out!


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