Until November…

As excited as I am on Christmasday to get all my Christmas stuff out, I’m usually ready to get it put away by the first of the year. This year I waited a little longer since we were pretty busy this weekend. I finally got it packed up and ready for the attic this evening.

All of my more traditional decorations are decorations from Grammie. When I’m getting them out, I know they were hers, but I’m too excited for the nostalgia to set in. However, every year as I put them away, I touch them and wrap them back up gently in the same tissue paper she had them wrapped in years ago. I continue to use the ratty tissue and deflated bubble wrap simply because it was hers. I miss her more as I put away my Christmas decorations than any other time of year. The hustle of the holiday season is over, and I can take time to reflect on what she meant to me and how she has shaped my family and my values.

Grammie had such an intense faith, and she did so much for others that none of us really knew about until her funeral. She was truly an example of a Godly and faithful woman, and I can only hope to attain a life like hers. It’s comforting to know that she is in a place now where she can dance and sing in her most beautiful voice (and Papa can hear it, too).

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