Truth is the Word

I’ve heard the Sermon on the Mount preached many times and many ways. Today was the first time it wasn’t watered down, though. Who wants to tell people there is a possibility they (or someone they love) are going to Hell? Today, Zak made it real and asked people to take inventory of their spiritual lives to see if they were producing good fruit. 
I have found that, for me, it is hard to do a check such as this because the majority of the people I am around are “good fruit”. As a matter of fact, most of them have helped me to become better “fruit”.
I know there are those around me who need me to show God’s light so that they may see it and be saved. I can’t hide in my group of friends and miss out on His work for me.That’s like sticking my head in the sand. 
I’m choosing the path that is narrow…
Hear our message from this morning here
(FYI: I wrote this yesterday when all these todays were really today…)

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