Stroller: 2, Mommy Gray: 0

Assuming I am actually going to jog anytime soon, a jogging stroller is going to be a necessity. We checked them out at Buy Buy Baby when we were registering for Baby Gray’s things in MAY. 
We didn’t get the jogging stroller off our registry, so T-Paw & Annie were going to get it for us for Christmas. It came in, and we had it in our garage for almost two weeks before it was time to put it together to put under the tree. Christmas Eve, I asked Mr. Gray to please put it together so we could put a bow on it for Christmas morning. As I drug the box in from the garage, I noticed a warning on the top that read, “This is NOT a jogging stroller.” 
Really? Great. I checked my registry against what Annie ordered, and it was the same stroller. Hmmm… We did our little test drive in MAY. Had we really been registered for a non-jogging, jogging stroller all this time? Yep. 
So I hopped online, figured out which stroller was correct, filled out the exchange form, and shipped the stroller back for $50+. About a week later, the right stroller came. I couldn’t wait to use it!
I got super excited and started taking Mr. Gray’s picture while he put it together. I’d be ready to take Baby Gray out the next day! 
As soon as Mr. Gray got it put together, he asked how to lock and unlock the swivel front wheel (we both distinctly remembered this from our “test drive”).  Unfortunately, there was no lock or unlock. Nothing swiveled at all. Great… it appeared as though we had gotten the wrong one again. The more I thought about it, the more I thought this would actually be an OK stroller. I decided to keep it. Then I read the reviews. I compared it to the one we really wanted. All my concerns about the non-swiveling wheel were addressed in the reviews. The correct stroller was really what I wanted.
When Mr. Gray got home that afternoon, I had him pack it back up to send back. Another $50+ in shipping later, and our stroller was once again on its way to New York. The correct one should be here next week. Assuming I actually found the correct one this time, it should be a Baby Jogger Summit XC. We’ll see if that’s really the one we meant to get (unlike the Baby Jogger Elite and the Baby Jogger F.I.T. that we’ve previously ordered).

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