Christmastime is Here Again…

We kicked off Christmases this past weekend with T-Paw’s side of the family. We all get together at GM’s and do a simple sandwich and finger food style dinner. After we open gifts and hang out a while, we go to The Ranch and the boys hunt, bait roads, etc.

This year was no different, except for the addition of Baby Gray. He wasn’t too big on opening gifts just yet (surprise, surprise), but he did love the tissue paper! He played with it forever!
When we got to The Ranch, he fought to stay awake as long as possible; he didn’t want to miss out on fun with the big boys–even if he was just watching! We’re going to get a run for our money next year!
This weekend also marked our third-annual Christmas Shindig, but this year it wasn’t quite the success it has been in years past. First, we had to move it from its regular Friday spot due to scheduling conflicts. We decided on Sunday; unfortunately, I think there were just as many conflicts.

It was a good time to hang out with the few friends who were able to make it! We enjoyed getting to bed a little earlier, too! Hopefully next year the Shindig will be back in full swing. 

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