Grazie! Merci! Gracias!

I don’t know why we really only stop to think about (write about) what we’re thankful for once a year. In my life, there is way too much to be grateful for to cram into one day. Our family has been so blessed in so many ways! I’ve chosen a few to share. 
I’m thankful for my God. He’s amazing; His timing is perfect. He provides so much for my family in so many ways–financially, emotionally, friendships, relationships, and more! It’s truly a blessing to know Him and walk with Him through this great journey on earth. 
I’m thankful for my son. Baby Gray is such a little miracle. He grows and changes every day. He’s a perfect combination so far of Mr. Gray and I–he’s relaxed and low key (Mr. Gray) about certain things while picky and a little more high-strung (me) about others. I’ve never had a relationship of this sort–it’s truly unbelievable! 
I’m thankful for my husband. I cannot say enough about Mr. Gray and all that he is to me. He is the leader of our home–and an awesome one at that! He steps up when it’s crunch time to make sure Baby Gray and I have all we need and want before ever thinking of himself. He is the most selfless, altruistic person I have ever met. 
I am thankful for family and friends that might as well be. God has given Mr. Gray and I a support system that cannot be replaced or replicated. Our families are amazing, and we couldn’t do without our friends. I love you all dearly. 
I am thankful for my home. It is truly a blessing to have a nice home that is warm, safe, and comfortable. I try very hard to remember not to take such a blessing for granted; many people do not have a roof over their head, much less the comforts and amenities available to me. It provides warmth is the cold and cool in the heat; shade from the sun and cover in the rain. I am so grateful. 
There is so much more I am thankful for, but for now, that will have to do–I’m off to finish getting ready for our trip to Austin tomorrow. We’re having lunch with family and then off to the t.u. game. I’ll be thankful for a win come tomorrow evening! WHOOP!

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