Our Little Pumpkin!

First of all, I forgot to toot my own horn yesterday… I wore pre-pregnancy jeans to the pediatrician’s office yesterday. She asked Mr. Gray why he didn’t bring the baby’s mother to the appointment with him. Talk about making a new mom feel great! (I have on regular clothes again today, too.)
Also, we are in love with the pediatrician’s recommendation of letting Baby Gray sleep until he was ready to eat–we slept from 10:00 to 2:30! Hooray! We’ll take it! 
Now to today–family day… 
First we went to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins and take some fall photos. We want to go back when Baby Gray is in his monster costume, but a friend gave him a super cute pumpkin outfit that we were scared wouldn’t fit closer to Halloween. The ladies at the pumpkin patch loved that it was Baby Gray’s first visit to the pumpkin patch, and they helped us get some great photos!
After our photos, we set out to find the perfect pumpkins–and we managed to find some that I love! 
Baby Gray slept pretty much the whole time as we wheeled him around in the wagon… too bad I kept hitting the edges of the pallets and bumping him around. Mr. Gray said I couldn’t be the driver anymore. 
After we got all our pumpkins situated, we headed to the fair to check out the booths. 
We saw all the pumpkins that were in the decorating contest; they were so cute!
We snapped a quick photo on our way out to commemorate Baby Gray’s first trip to the fair. Once again, he was a great traveler!

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