Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News…

Today was Baby Gray’s two-week well baby visit. Of course, he had gained some weight–he is now an even TEN POUNDS! He’s in the 87th percentile in weight. Wow… the goal at their two-week appointment is for them to be back at their birth weight. He obviously had no problem with that! He’s also measuring 21.25 inches (75th percentile). 
The doctor told us we no longer need to set an alarm and wake him up in the night to feed him. She said he is definitely getting plenty of food, so it’s no longer necessary. Most likely, she said, he will start to eat a little more often during the day to make up for the calories he’s not getting at night. She didn’t seem worried, so we aren’t, either. 
He had to get his two-week heel stick for blood work as well, which resulted in his first band-aid–blue camo! 
He was a champ when she stuck him, but it broke my heart!

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