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I know many parents have struggled with the question of vaccinating their children. With all the possible side effects, the questionable ingredients, and so much more floating on a blurry grey line of to inject or not… how does one decide? 
I believe in the power of prayer for healing, but I also believe that God sometimes uses medicine and doctors to facilitate such healing. Surgeons and scientists are brilliant for a reason–that talent was given to them on purpose. How they choose to use it is what is in question for me. Here’s where my vaccination debate comes in: is it OK for me to use vaccinations made from an electively aborted fetus to better the health (maybe… there is a lot of debate about “bettering” anything with vaccines) of my child? 
As parents, Mr. Gray and I have decided to pursue ethically developed (read: animal cell) vaccines for Baby Gray. From what I have read, these exist for all of the recommended vaccinations except the chicken pox vaccination. While there are some serious risks associated with actually contracting chicken pox, I cannot bring myself to allow Baby Gray to be injected with cells developed from an aborted child to “stop” this virus. 
Do I want my child to be protected from harmful diseases and illnesses? ABSOLUTELY. 
Do vaccinations do that? There is no absolute answer there, in my opinion. Side effects, long-term effects, etc. are all possible with the vaccinations or without. 
Do the benefits out weigh the costs? I don’t think we can be sure. Some children suffer greatly from the vaccination–some suffer greatly from going without and contracting an illness. I think each set of parents have to look to their values and beliefs to see what matters to them. It is something I have prayed about, read about, discussed with Mr. Gray and other friends, and more to come to a conclusion. 
We go in on Monday for the Hepatitis B shot that should have been given at birth (we declined it at the time because we were not sure of our decision). I’m nervous. It’s a scary step. I have verified with my doctor’s office that it was ethically developed. I will have them show me the information about it before they give it to Baby Gray. I pray that God sees my heart and sees that I want to honor him by choosing the ethical option in conjunction with the medically recommended option.


  1. Good fo ryou for not just accepting what is pushed on most new parents! We didn't do the chicken pox vaccineand/or any flu shot & even though River did actually end up getting Chicken Pox, I don't regret it at all. I'd rather him have chicken pox than Lord knows what all that is in the vaccine. I just don't feel comfortable injecting chemicals into my child. And, beleive me- you will be judged by others but just stay true to yourself & your parenting decisions!

  2. This got me all teary-eyed. God WILL honor you. These are tough decisions but anyone who honors LIFE and God above society, that's a heart God embraces. You are awesome and I am probably going to post this and tell everyone. I love your heart.

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