Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

In junior high, I was told I had the build of a “distance runner” (I had zero interest in running a distance of any measure at that time). I tried track for a week or two, but decided it wasn’t for me. 
In high school, if we didn’t play a fall sport, we had to at least practice with cross country as part of our off-season for softball. Since we didn’t want to waste our time, we decided we’d just call ourselves the “back of the pack” and run each Saturday morning at the meets, too. I didn’t try very hard, nor did I really care. 
In college, I decided I wanted to start running again. I didn’t go very far or very fast, but I enjoyed it, and it felt good to go out for a jog. I have been running off and on since then. When I got pregnant, I wanted to run the whole time, stuck to walking instead. I figured I probably only wanted to run since I “couldn’t” at the time. I decided that I wanted to get back into running regularly (again, not far or fast) when Baby Gray arrived–I made a goal to have myself ready for a 5k by March 2011. That is farther than I’ve ever run, and I want to run it at an actual pace, not a total dragging my feet jog. 
I checked the RunTex site a while back, and the March runs weren’t up yet. Today, they’re there. I found a 5k in New Braunfels on March 5th. I didn’t sign up yet, but it’s on my calendar. I’m going to run it. 
A friend just told me about the Blue Bell Fun Run, too. You get to eat all the ice cream you want at the end of that one–sign me up! 

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