From Here to Maternity…

This was a weekend to get ready for Baby Gray… 
It’s our last weekend before football starts, so we wanted to be ready. We spent yesterday finishing up our registry items to ensure we have the essentials to get us started before Baby Gray’s arrival. We only had a few items left to purchase, and we got everything we set out for yesterday. 
This morning, we went to meet Cookie so she could take some maternity photos for us. To me, maternity photos were something I was scared I would regret if I didn’t do, even though I wasn’t really too into it. The photo session went just as ours always do; Mr. Gray and I talked and laughed the whole time, rather than being too focused on taking photos. Here are a few photos that captured the essence of our shoot: 
So, like I said, we don’t do photo shoots very seriously, but they capture “us” pretty well. A big thanks to Cookie for helping us out with this! 
We had a tour at the hospital where we will deliver after our photos. I told Mr. Gray on the way home yesterday that the nurse who called to confirm the tour was a male RN, and he would be giving the tour. I said I wasn’t sure how I felt about having a male nurse when it was time for Baby Gray to come. However, when we got there today, I fell in love with Ed (the same male nurse from yesterday). Now I’m praying Ed will be my nurse in labor & delivery–he was great! 
Overall, we had a great tour of the maternity wing. It made us feel really good about everything, even though it’s farther from home than we had originally wanted. We can’t wait for Baby Gray to get here!

All photos courtesy of Lindsay Cook, 2010


  1. i love the pics!!! i am so excited for you guys and can hardly wait to meet the little guy!! you guys are going to make a great team as parents!! love yall tons!!

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