Revolving Door

Our home is like a revolving door for all things furniture & decor. I get tired of something in one place and repurpose it quite frequently. My latest repurposed item was the wine rack that greeted guests at our front door. I moved it to the office to serve as a printer stand, complete with a place for the computer,  (our desk is now an art table, remember?) some sketch books, paints, and other art or office supplies. That left us with a huge blank space at the front door! My first thought was to put something round in the space since we had something angular to begin with. However, after an antique day-trip yesterday, and a round or two at World Market and Pier One, we decided on this little telephone table! 
I had also grown tired of our kitchen table and the barstools on which it required me to sit! 
So, while I was out yesterday, I found this cute little number to replace it with. 
A shop I had long overlooked was the winner of the kitchen table find, and so much more! I can’t wait to continue shopping at Max’s Mercantile! 
I have also been prepping for my garage sale (August 21st, come buy our stuff) off and on as we get ready for Baby Gray. I made major progress on that feat today as well. We had tons of glassware that we rarely used that needed to be cleaned out and condensed so that BG could have a cabinet for all his cute little stuff. Mr. Gray and I got everything into exactly as much space as we needed–the task was much less daunting than I anticipated. My closet and dresser were next to be conquered. WOW! I can’t believe how many things hang in my closet and go unworn. They’re all in the garage sale pile now! 
Our final (and possibly largest) piece of progress this weekend was on the yard. Mr. Gray re-mulched the front flower bed and replaced some Liriope plants that weren’t faring too well. He then created a new bed of much for our back yard tree. There is too much shade under it (and from the fence) for much to grow but weeds, so he wanted to stop the weed invasion. I think it looks great–Mr. Gray is so handy!


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