Jellystone Summer

This summer has found us spending more time in our camper and less time in hotels. It’s been so great to discover new places and be comfortable in our own space.

One of our favorite trips (so far) this summer was to Jellystone Park in Kerrville. It’s a quick jaunt up to the Texas Hill Country, and an easy pull for the camper. We got in late Friday night and were met with plenty to do Saturday and Sunday. We brought our own breakfast and tried out our new coffee gear (find out more about that here) while we made a plan for the day. When you check in, they provide a detailed schedule of the events for the weekend, so it was easy to discuss and see where we wanted to be and when.

From the water park to the pools to the river and the bike trails, we explored to our hearts’ content.

It was a perfect getaway for the boy, who absolutely loved being able to get in more practice on his bike while traveling around the park.

He even got brave and attempted some flips on the jump pad! Whoa–where’d my cautious kid go?

I think his very favorite part might have been mini-golf, which made my heart sing. When we were little, Grammie and Papa would always take us to play. It was so serious and competitive but fun at the same time.

As much as I’m looking forward to football season, I’m not looking forward to parking the camper for several months. We’re trying to squeeze in all the trips before we BTHOnichollsstate!


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