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We moved into our home in October. It was much-awaited, much-anticipated, and sort of rushed. You see, we moved on a Tuesday and traveled for five days beginning that Thursday. We are settled, but there are still things to do. It takes me a while to turn houses into homes. I would rather wait and find just the right piece than make a hurried decision.

Family Home Photo

Our third bedroom is filled with boxes–still. I am generally highly motivated against such a thing. I don’t like clutter. I don’t like disorganization. There is a place for everything, and I like everything to be in its place. People keep asking when I will do a home tour on the blog. They want to see the photos and finished product after all the sharing of the process as we built. I get it. I want to see it finished, too.

“When I finish the guest room,” I kept saying. Then it hit me. That room isn’t for a guest. It’s the baby’s room. I don’t want to clean it out and set it up as a guest room when it belongs to a member of our family. She’s not a guest. She’s our daughter; she’s not home yet; we haven’t seen her face yet. We don’t know if she has been born yet, or if she is even a glimmer in her birth mother’s eye. We don’t know any of that yet. But…

We know that He knows. He knows her name, how many hairs are on her head, when she will become part of our family. He knows that she was always ours, and He knows just the right time to entrust her to us.

Set back in the studs, there are scriptures written where we prayed expectantly before this house was our home.

Scripture on Studs of Home

The scriptures are throughout the house, with specifics to each room gracing the boards. Her room is no different: her room, her scriptures, her prayers. Until she is here with us, we’ll wait and pray.


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