Christmastime is Here Again

+ So, Teddy Elf is doing minimal work this year. Maybe he has a lot going on. Maybe he moved recently and is still out of sorts. Maybe it’s just a lot of work to remember to grab him out of the boy’s room and think of something creative for him to do for 25 days. Mostly, as long as the boy knows he is there to help spread Christ’s love, I’m good with it. (For actual fun ideas we’ve done before, check here.)


+ In other fun news, our wrapped books did not work out this year. He unwrapped a book on December 1st with his Christmas pajamas, but that’s been the only one. On about the 5th, I thought maybe I was ready to wrap and catch up, but I decided to just let it go this year. Maybe we’ll be back to it next year.


+ I have finally almost finished Christmas shopping. I generally finish near Thanksgiving, but apparently I wanted to drag it out a little this year. I have done almost everything as purchase with purpose or small business, which takes a little more time, but is worth the effort to me.

+ We’re bringing back girls Christmas this year. Somehow it didn’t happen last year, but it’s on again, and I am ready.

+ Since I left the classroom, Christmas has been one of my busier, more hectic times of year at work. Retail marketing will do that to you. This year, since that has changed, it’s almost like I’m actually gearing down and having some family time instead of being ready to crank it up a notch. I kind of like it.

+ Charlie Brown Christmas is live at one of the theaters in San Antonio; I didn’t want to wait until after Christmas to take the boy, but we are booked solid before. Looks like we’ll be extending our Christmas a few days!

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