A Tale of Two Dresses

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Dresses were aplenty, but I’m working on my closet game. I’m the queen of buying a dress for an occasion, being photographed, and then never wearing it again. (Definitely no one notices but me.)

You see, I started dress shopping for #daisytakesachance before I even booked our flights. I had an idea in mind, and I was out to find it. Somehow a Rent the Runway sponsored post (that’s an affiliate link, by the way) ended up in my Facebook feed because Facebook is forever reading my mind. “Rent a dress?” I thought, “No, thank you.” But then I happened to look at some of their selections. And then there happened to be a Kate Spade dress that fit the bill perfectly. So I did what any woman in my shoes would do. I added it to my cart and tried to reserve it for October. Unfortunately their October dates weren’t open yet. So I kept watch. I was vigilant.

Then we were in the hospital with the boy; we didn’t know if we were going at all. We got home, things were going well, we decided to go. I hopped on to grab the dress. It was gone. All reservations were booked for that dress for every date surrounding the wedding, except the day of. I called customer service. Nothing much could be done.

I chose a back up dress, picked a dress for Britney Spears and added them to my cart. They arrived in little suitcases. They were so fun!

Rent the Runway  Arrival

I kept browsing; no new availability on the original dress I wanted. Then I saw it. One reviewer said they picked their item up at the Las Vegas store. I called, emailed,  and smoke signaled the Rent the Runway people. We finally got the dress set up to pick up at the Las Vegas store the afternoon of the wedding.

The day before, I got an email that one of the sizes (you get two sizes with each order) was damaged when returned. I was getting one shot at The Dress. I could pick another back up in place of the second size of The Dress. I picked a dress that would work as a back up for the Britney concert; my back up for the wedding was fine and dandy.

We ventured out to the strip to find the store. It was not an easy task, but we found it. We got the dresses and went back to the room. I held my breath and tried it on. It was perfect. Worth every bit of hassle.




The next night, I wore the other backup dress to the concert. It was sparkly and fun. 

(Pretend this is a fun photo from the concert; they were all terribly lit, and you couldn’t see the dress.) 

The other was a great fit, but I didn’t feel like shedding feathers everywhere after all was said and done. Maybe if the Aggies had won.


The best part, though? Once I got them all home from the trip, they went in their mailers and back to someone else. No dry cleaning. No space in my closet. Done and done.

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