I’ve Got the Cure

If you’ve been around for any length of time at all, you know I have an incurable sweet tooth. I’m talking my dream day would be cake for breakfast, a cookie while the boy naps, dessert after his bedtime. No amount of sweets is too much. (Notice how most of those involve the boy sleeping or being otherwise not there. What kind of role model would I be if I taught my son eat like that?)

Well… I thought that sweet tooth was incurable, anyway. It turns out I found a cure! I have several friends who kept talking about Beachbody (yep, the CIZE kick I’ve been on) and Shakeology. They went on and on about how it kept away their cravings for sweets. Ever the skeptic, I ordered some, not believing at all that it would work for me and my sweet tooth. There was just no way. I couldn’t imagine blending something, taking the time to make it everyday, or that it would taste good. BUT, I just had to know.

What’s in my cup? You guessed it! A shake!

So it came in. I tried it. It was good. It took less time to make than seemed possible. I didn’t crave a cupcake in the afternoon. I didn’t eat cookie dough after supper. I’d have it for breakfast and be good to go for the day. If I had regular breakfast, I’d have it for lunch or an afternoon snack. It definitely doesn’t mean I’ll never eat a cupcake again (I certainly will–and I have) but I don’t want to eat cupcakeS (yes, plural) all day, every day!

Want to cure your sweet tooth? Let me know! I’ll tell you more about it and help you get started!


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