Friday Five

1. I’ve been all over the place this week! Find a post on the second Purpose Box here, a post on being a work at home mama here, and a post on my crazy phone call with the bank here.

2. Our goats like to sit in the golf cart. It’s the funniest thing. (Actually, I think all the things they do are funny. They’re too cute not to be funny.) I don’t want them to make it a habit, but it’s funny until I kick them out.

3. I think I say it every year, but the NFL Draft makes me super emotional. Those guys have worked hard all their life for that dream to come true. I don’t care anything about professional football, but I know that for those guys, they’ve been dreaming of the League for years and years. We didn’t watch it last night, so I didn’t cry (I almost always cry), but I was doing as much Twitter watching as I could without getting Grey’s spoilers in between. By the way, have you seen the movie Draft Day?

That’s how I envision it all going down in real life.

4. Legos are in timeout, and screen time has been cut down quite a bit. I love what’s transpiring!

Puzzle Maker

5. Also, Is Lena Pretty? officially launches today! We got our copy yesterday, and we’re loving it! My sweet husband even shared it on Instagram. He never posts! What an honor! (You can order through my affiliate link here.)

Is Lena Pretty


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