I Couldn’t Live Without… Date Night

It’s fun to think of the things I couldn’t live without. I always enjoy joining in with Katie and Lindsay.

 Date Night

Date night. Date day. Lunch date. Breakfast date. Any date. Let’s talk about this for a bit. Right now we have a million things going on; dates are fewer and farther between than normal. We have to make it even more of a priority than usual to make sure we are staying in tune with each other. We have to go the extra mile to ensure we are at the top of each other’s list. If it means waking up early and having coffee together or catching a movie on the couch with dessert after the boy’s bedtime. However we get it in, dates are non-negotiable.

Our dates are time to focus on each other and our marriage. It’s time to plug in and get connected without the interruptions of everyday life.

Do you have regular dates with your spouse? What’s your favorite thing to do? 


(I talked a lot about dating your spouse during my Marriage Matters series; I know I kind of sound like a broken record. It’s important, though.) 

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