Tuesday Ten: Sometimes Edition

1. Sometimes I am just so amazed by God. He is so into the details that I can’t even comprehend it all.

2. Sometimes I write a little bit of ridiculousness and post it other places on the web (read here).

3. Sometimes a cupcake is the only answer.

Dessert Date

4. Sometimes my lifeline is a group text message.

5. Sometimes I don’t realize how big something is until someone else points it out. Then I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

6. Sometimes my husband’s dry erase words on our mirror are all I need to have a great day.

7. Sometimes wishes come true.

8. Sometimes a happy cry and a sad cry are really the same cry.

9. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t apply to Duke when I graduated from high school. Just to know if I would have gotten in or not.

10. Sometimes the best laid plans come crashing down into something more beautiful than they were before.

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