Free to Ski!

Our first actual day of “the snow” was spent on the slopes. Baby Gray headed to ski school, quite excitedly, I might add. We dropped him off–he told everyone he met that he was “ready to hit the slopes!” before we left. Anyone who asked where he was from got a cheerful “Texas–I’m an Aggie!” from a smiling boy.

Ski School

After drop off, Mr. Gray and I took our rental gear and headed up the mountain. We hadn’t skiied (Mr. Gray snowboards) in about ten years, but we picked right up where we left off.



I’m quite cautious (I know you’re surprised) and Mr. Gray is not so much. We would ride the lift together, head down our respective runs, meet at the bottom and go again. It’s a perfect fit for us.


(I loved that there were photographers all around the mountain; I have always said I wanted to be famous so we could have paparazzi shots of all our fun moments.) 

We rode up the lift after lunch, and I felt my phone ringing in my pocket. I just knew it meant Baby Gray was done. I checked when I got off the lift, and sure enough–Baby Gray was in the “sick and sad room” because “he would rather play Legos than ski.” Yeah. (I loved that name–sick and sad. Ha!)

We headed down, and when we got there, the boy said he would go out one more time to show us what he learned. It was fun to watch, and he had been there a really long time. We were about ready to be done for the day, anyway, so off we went.


We did some sledding to round out the day, but that’s another story for another time. Also, is sledding a sport in the X Games?

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Professional photo credit: Atmosphere Photos, Angel Fire, New Mexico; rights belong to me

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