I Have Never…

… watched Downton Abbey (as a matter of fact, I actually thought it was Downtown Abbey for quite some time).

… run a full marathon. As I explained to Mr. Gray last night, if I ever did, it would be for the Mylar blanket. He told me to pay him $40 and he’d wrap me in a blanket after I ran around the block. (He also told me he thought they’d give me one if I happened to be in a fire.)  

… flown first class. But, hey, Southwest let’s you check bags fo’ free! That’s something, right? 

… seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Maybe parts of it, maybe, but I really don’t recall. And I know people do the whole Bueller? Bueller? thing. I don’t have any clue what that means, though.

… stayed in a hotel alone. Is that a thing?

… eaten Nutella. However, my husband bought me one of those little to-go packages last night in the check out at WalMart (we spent $85 and bought FOUR things from the impulse-buy section at the register; that’s why we don’t shop together) last night when we went in needing nothing. 


… read any of the Harry Potter series (or Twilight, for that matter). I don’t have any desire to. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movies, and it’s just not my style.

… jumped off a rope swing. I’m always afraid I’ll get tangled in it and get hurt.

What’s something you’ve never done?


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