This Life

Yesterday, both of my guys had Christmas parties at lunch. In my teaching life, with all thirty minutes I had to eat, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to one Christmas party–much less two. I was able to attend both, though. This work that I have been given allows me freedom to be present with my husband and my son. It affords me the time to spend at my son’s field trips, on work trips with my husband, or where ever I need to be.

Baby Gray Party

This gift I have been given is not lost on me. Oh, how I prayed and cried over my work situation before Baby Gray was born. God unfolded the absolute perfect solution for our family in due time. I learned a lot about patience and trusting Him while I waited. The waiting wasn’t wasted.

Mr Gray Party

I still look up a lot of times and can’t believe this life. I can’t believe I really get to do it–to be home with my son. It seemed like an impossibility for so long. Even after four years, it’s still miraculous to me. I still know with all that I am that God orchestrated this opportunity. I don’t want to take it for granted.

(More on this song here.)

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