New Life

It’s been a long weekend of moving, packing, unpacking, driving back and forth (back and forth), but in all that has Hellenes, God has had His hands on the details. 

I might not be able to find my computer or its plug; I might be wishing I could link to past Muster posts in honor of one of my favorite Aggie traditions; I might ever wish I had time for a run in the midst of the chaos. Mostly, though, I just want to remember. I want to remember the Ressurection and new life we celebrated yesterday. The miracle that is the Cross. The way God let it symbolize new life for us as a family for us as well. 
We woke up this Easter Sunday with new life. A new start. We’re not forgetting the old or leaving the lessons and relationships behind, we’re building on them. Stepping into our call. Going.
(OCD me might be back when I find the computer for some formatting. Maybe not.) 

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