#SheSharesTruth | Psalm 38

Last week, She Reads Truth started writing together on Fridays our response to a piece of scripture. This week, we read Psalm 38.

I’ll admit, this one took a lot more for me. Nothing jumped out at first. The more I read, though, and the more I picked apart, the more I saw how much we need a Savior.

As David is crying out, he is in physical and emotional pain. He is aching for a Savior. He is praying that no one will be boastful when he slips.

We are no different from David: we slip and fall, then we cry out to the Lord. Our hope has to be in Him. 

SheSharesTruth Psalm 38

When I was growing up, Grammie had a magnet on her refrigerator that had Romans 6:23 on it: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” It was a visual trick, similar to this, where life and death were the same word depending on which way you turned the magnet. Our hope–our only hope–is in Him. We can’t do it alone. We don’t have to, though, unlike David, we’re not waiting on a Savior. He has already come. He has conquered death for us so that we may have hope. We have eternal life when our hope is in Him.

It is finished.


  1. I admit I had same struggles with this passage making "sense" to me…your break down of it makes perfect sense and helped me get more out of this weeks reading!! Thanks!!

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