Lovely Weather

I’ve talked before about how much I love communicating with Mr. Gray through notes and written words. We have a shared journal, dry erase markers for the mirror, and an endless amount of paper products (mostly personalized) and pens. Something about written words, anywhere, just speaks straight to my heart.

The latest morning surprise I have been getting is a short note on the mirror with the weather for the day. 

Lovely Weather

If you know me at all, you understand how much this speaks to who I am. I do not check the weather–unless there is a weather phenomenon, then all I do is check the weather. Flash flood? Yes, please! Tornado? Even better. (As long as no one gets hurt or anything, of course.) My day-to-day routine does not include the weather forecast. It’s a problem sometimes. I love that Mr. Gray, all on his own, started leaving me my own personal daily forecast. Super sweet. (The first one had a fun, hand-drawn umbrella on it–LOVE!)


  1. Our back and forth journal is a good starter for my husband (also not a writer) because he usually just responds to me. The mirror notes have been the best for both of us, by far!

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