It’s Not the Devil in those Details

Can we talk for a minute about how much God is in the details? He is SO in the details–and these are just the things I’m picking up on. No telling how much He’s actually doing back there that I can’t even fathom.

Rewind: August 2008 (abridged; full version here)
Mr. Gray and I move back to the area. We are looking for a church, but we’re not quite sure what we’re looking for, exactly. I shop too much and meet Honey, which leads to an invitation to their Heart Group through Cypress Creek Church. We try the church, and like it, but it’s a little far for us to get plugged in. Heart Group pretty much changes our lives.

Rewind: November 2009 (maybe a touch earlier; full version here)
A friend retweets a pastor who needs help with a mailer. We offer to help. A month or so later, we show up at the church for one of their preview services–not knowing it is the same place. Yep, Revolution Church, stinky gym and all. We were home.

Fast Forward: January 26, 2014
Cypress Creek Church is launching a San Marcos campus. Revolution Church is having its 4th birthday. Same day. Both churches have shaped our lives and our marriage. Both celebrating milestones. All week, I had this feeling we needed to be at Cypress. I struggled all week. I kept telling Mr. Gray I felt like we needed to be there, but it just wouldn’t work out well since we were celebrating at Revolution. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be at Revolution–I did. That was just it; it was not me telling me to be at Cypress. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind, but Someone was tugging on my heart.

Saturday evening, we were at a baby shower with a huge group of friends from Cypress. Turns out, the service would be at 10:30; we were planning on attending 1:00 at Revolution. We could do both. He was in the details.

As I stood in my spot during the first worship song, it hit me. We would never have been at Revolution if this had happened four years ago. God had Revolution hand picked, just for us from the beginning. Pastor Rob stepped on the stage, and before he had said ten words, he was speaking to me. Just me. The last few years, the call to go, all of it was affirmed. I fumbled around and tried to take notes on my phone inconspicuously (I was the only one; everyone else had a pen and paper) so I could grab hold of what God was speaking. I didn’t get it all down, but my heart was refreshed. God had put us exactly where we needed to be four years ago, and He is going to do it again when the time comes to actually go.

On the way to Revolution, I told Mr. Gray what I thought about the timing and the message. Yep. He got it, too.

A quick trip up I-35, and we were home. We celebrated four years of life change, four years of lessons learned and preparation to go. I was aware, but I wasn’t sad.

Photo Bomber
photo 3

We were hand-picked to be there. No doubt about it.


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