It’s More than Coffee!

People ask me all the time if, after a year, we’re still using our Keurig. Yes, yes, and YES! If I love an appliance enough to leave it on the counter, it is worthy. (Only my Kitchen Aid mixer has achieved this status prior to the Keurig.)


What we use it for:

  • coffee (duh) 
  • hot tea
  • hot chocolate 
  • iced tea 
  • oatmeal
  • Malt-O-Meal
  • hot water for recipes

A couple of tips:

  • We bought a reusable k-cupso we can use brew any coffee with our Keurig. Huge time and money saver here!
  • I do not buy hot chocolate that is for the Keurig; it is much more money for the same amount of servings. Use any ol’ hot chocolate mix in your favorite mug! 
  • We brew both single tea bags (pictured, green tea) and brew-over-ice k-cups for tea (we have a flavored Snapple onein a k-cup). 
  • For hot cereals, just stick your bowl where the mug would go!

What’s your favorite thing to make with your Keurig? 

I included affiliate links in this post; we might need to buy more coffee! (Thanks to Amazon for the extra spaces after the links; why is my site so against embedding things? AH!)



  1. Since my husband is the only one who drinks "coffee, coffee," this works very well for us. I can have something a little more fru-fru, and he can have black coffee. I make a full pot when we have guests.

  2. I got a keurig for Christmas – my family and friends were like "really?" because i have a coffee pot, espresso machine, and now keurig but they all serve a different purpose. haha. one makes espresso; the other serves multiple people, and the keurig can make just 1 cup at a time so there's less waste! haha.

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