A Little Variation

Some dishes are made to be prepared the same way every single time. They’re the best one way and one way only (Grammie/Aunt Cookie’s potatoes fall under this category). Somehow, others seem to be up for a little variation now and again. I usually prefer really thick, creamy chicken and dumplins. (See here for a favorite as of late.)

Last week, though, I was craving more of a broth-y variation. I found this recipe and decided to give it a try. I have to say, I was concerned. No cream. No milk. Could this be real life?

Chicken & Dumplins

They were so good. And, the dumplins? Yes, please. Yes, yes, yes.

Quick tip: chop your celery with your kitchen shears (clean, of course; I run mine through the dishwasher). It’s quite the time saver.

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