Tuesday Ten on Ten

I’ve kind of taken a shine to the ol’ Tuesday Ten!

1. We’re having so much fun with Teddy the elf! Baby Gray love, love, loved his shopping list for our child from the Purple Christmas Tree. He was able to be in charge of our whole shopping trip–he loved it!

Yes, he’s touching the elf. We don’t have the no-touch rule. Teddy helps us with the assignments he brings. 

2. We leave for Vegas Friday morning, and I’m in no mood to shop for anything new or fun to wear. It’s probably a good thing. I’ll just style my closet–creativity here I come!

3. Mr. Gray is on the mend, and I am so grateful. He is almost back to his normal self! I sure have missed that man! (I know he’s glad, too!)

4. Tomorrow is facial day and haircut day. How’d I manage that? A whole, wonderful, glorious day with two of my favorite things! 

5. Baby Gray is in love with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The book? Yes. The movie? Yes. So in love.


6. I usually watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Bridget Jones movies when I wrap Christmas presents. It’s just a thing I do. We don’t have a DVD player, so I have to use the computer. Yeah, it’s broken. I had to dig out our white MacBook, circa 2006, (why do we even still have that?) to watch my movies. Anyone selling a DVD player?

7. I can’t believe I sent an Evite for an actual adult gathering (that wasn’t a home sales product party). I’m almost ashamed to admit it.

8. Mr. Gray laughed at me for being sad that Saturday was Baylor’s last game at Floyd Casey. I may or may not have cried. It’s definitely not that I’m a Baylor fan, but it made me miss Grammie and Papa. I’m pretty sure Papa got God’s ear about the Bears when he got there because they have had some tremendous improvements since he’s been gone.

9. I hope we get bowl tickets for Christmas. Also, if you haven’t seen this yet–go now. Read. I’ll be here.

So clever, right?

One last thing, #JohnnyRepeat.

10. I read a blog post about what happens when a blog post goes viral and now I’m not so sure I want any of my posts to go viral (how cool would that be, though?). It sounded pretty technical, and I’m not sure I’ve read up enough to be prepared. In any case, be sure to like and share anything you read. Maybe we can break the internet together.


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