The Teddy Chronicles

Teddy Elf has been so fun to have around. It’s work to make sure he’s moved and make sure he has the supplies needed each day, but it’s worth it.

If you’re following along on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or #teddyelf), you’ve probably seen most of what Teddy’s been up to. If not, here you go:

We enjoyed the very first Christmas story together. 


Teddy brought materials to make & mail cards.

He thanked Baby Gray for being a light for Jesus while Mr. Gray was sick. 
He brought supplies to make teacher treats.
Baby Gray loved handing them out at school! 
This list was the biggest hit! I’m going to do it for other things throughout the year!
Teddy brought treats for Baby Gray’s school friends.
Teddy helped us take our Purple Christmas gifts to drop off for our child. 
Teddy took a short hiatus while Baby Gray stayed with grandparents over the weekend.


He’ll be back with more ideas for spreading love and joy this week! We’ve got lots of fun treats to bake, make, and deliver!

If you’re interested in the wording or notes Teddy brings when he comes, check social media. They’re all there, except for the note he brought when he first arrived (it’s here). 

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