Subscription Addiction

I love getting mail. Baby Gray loves getting mail. Mr. Gray might love getting mail, but I’d never know because I always check it too soon for him to have a chance.

This has led to a slight problem. You see, now there are all sorts of fun subscriptions that can come in the mail each month, and I keep signing up for them! They’re so much more fun than magazines or bills!

Hapy Mail

I’m nice, though, so I’ve decided to share the fun–plus, if you use the links, you’ll get a discount on most of them when you order (and I’ll get a credit, too, just being totally honest).

What we’ve tried: 
Citrus Lane: filled with goodies for Baby Gray and usually a perk or two for me
Dollar Shave Club: this was our first month, it came highly recommended, though (the shipping was super fast)
Bluum: another one with goodies for Baby Gray this will be our first month; we haven’t gotten it yet
Maven from Julep: I thought this would be a fun one for me, but I didn’t love it. I don’t paint my nails enough.

What I’d like to try: 
(these links are just for the info, since I’m not signed up for any of them–YET) 
Kiwi Crate: I think this would be some fun stuff for us to do together!
Together Box: This is a Texas-based company; I’ve heard great things!
Happy Mommy Box: I have friends who have tried this one; it looks awesome. Plus, they support small businesses.

So, which ones am I missing? What else do I need to try?

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