10 on 10.10

I love numbers and correlations between numbers. They’re fun. In honor of today’s fun date (too bad the year didn’t play along) here are ten things you probably didn’t need to know.

1. This is Pierre (he’s a porcupine). Get used to seeing him; I love this sweater.


2. I don’t drink tea. I know, I know, how am I a true southerner?

3. My son is too tall for his jeans. It bugs me to let him wear high waters. He’s three; does anyone else care but me?

4.  Barbecue is delicious, but I sure hate smelling like it the rest of the day.

5.  Haircut day is one of my favorite days of the month. I love getting freshened up!

6.  I think I’m actually starting to look forward to living in our one-bedroom camphouse for a while. It’ll be a good time to purge, refocus, and get back to the basics.

7. One of my least favorite things to do is pump gasoline.
8. My fall box is packed, and I can’t decorate. The scarecrow flag and pumpkins on the porch are going to have to suffice this year.

9. When people are not mindful of their language (not just “bad” words) around my son, it makes me crazy. He repeats everything, and he is good with context clues and learning what the words mean. Therefore, he can integrate the word into his vocabulary and use it fully. Lovely. Watch your mouth, please.

10. Reading the book after watching the show/movie is never the way to go.

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  1. I don't drink tea either. Or coffee. Or soda or sports drinks or energy drinks of any kind. The only thing I drink is white milk, orange juice, water and some alcohol (when I'm not pregnant). But of the thousands of kinds of alcoholic drinks that exist, I maybe like 10 max.

    Eli also has issues with high waters…. his legs are longer than his waist is wide. But I love jeans and pants from Old Navy that have the button-adjustable waists. I cinch them up tight. Currently, he's wearing 4T pants cinched up to Button #5 on each side.

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