Anything You Can Do

Yesterday afternoon (as with most afternoons), I found myself wanting a little something sweet. I had a Frappucino on my mind, but no where in this tiny town to get one. Well, that, and I wasn’t going to leave the house.

I consulted my friend Google and came up with this recipe that looked like it might work (I did the mocha version). I was kind of skeptical, though, so I brewed a cup of coffee in the Keurig first, so I didn’t waste my time and energy on a full pot if it was bad.

Despite my impatience on letting the coffee cool down (resulting in more ice while left it a tad watery), it was good. I brewed a pot of coffee (my first ever that had anything to do with me)

Coffee Pot

to store to use later this week.  There will be more of these in my future.


I’ll pick up some cream at the store so I can add homemade whip next time, too! YUM!

By the way, it makes two very full servings, so I’ll probably half it next time. 

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