Hip Hip Hooray!

Call me a jaded kindergarten teacher, but random kid art doesn’t really strike my fancy.


I enjoy creating it with Baby Gray, but I don’t feel the need to hang on to each and every piece. That being said, when he was on a paint kick last week, I wanted Mr. Gray to get to enjoy it without having it all over the house. I decided we would make welcome home bunting out of it.

I found this printable template for the triangles and got to work.


I traced on that back of the artwork and used my straight cutter to quickly zip down the lines to make the triangles. I used metallic cord and for the string (I just taped it to the back with Scotch tape since it would only be used indoors).


Once I had the entire thing strung, I went ahead and hung it up before adding letters to see if I needed to change any spacing.


When I was set with the bunting, I cut a paper shopping back into a flat sheet and printed Hip Hip Hooray! on it. When printing to cut, I always add a space between each letter so I have enough margin. I cut each letter out and used double-sided tape to stick it to the banner.


 This was totally free and super easy. Baby Gray loved helping (although he wasn’t thrilled I cut his art up at first–even though I told him when he was painting last week that I was going to do it) create the bunting and showing it off to dad when we returned from the airport.

Jaded kindergarten teacher no more: purposeful kid art abounds!

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