Destin-ation Vacation

Bright and early (well, not so bright–it was still dark) Friday morning, we grabbed RDG and M and headed to Destin. We drove and ate, drove and ate until we got there about dusk. (Fun fact: it would have taken us just a long to get to the panhandle of Texas as it did the panhandle of Florida. You’re welcome.)

We ate (again) and scoped things out a little before heading to bed.

Bright and early (well not so early–we were with teenage girls) Saturday morning, Mr. Gray cooked us breakfast and we headed to find a snorkel boat or some jet skis.

Semi Made
One of the best parts about vacation? I don’t have to make the bed! 

We found both, and Mr. Gray got us all set up to jet ski Saturday and snorkel Sunday.

Jet Ski

Off we went! (Travel tip: if you rent a jet ski in Destin, rent it near the end of the no wake zone so you don’t waste so much of your rental time going slowly getting out of the harbor.) I couldn’t believe how clear the water was. I mean, we saw it from the car, but being in it, it was just so blue.

We headed to the beach next. White sand. Blue water. Just enough waves.


If I never go back to Port Aransas, it’ll be too soon–and too dirty.

We headed out for a fancy schmancy dinner Saturday night (have I mentioned we ate on this trip?) overlooking the harbor.

Marina Cafe

It was the night of the super moon, so we were able to check it out from the balcony as well as our night walk on the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous. It made that Louisiana realization that I forgot my big camera sting a little.  iPhone photos will have to do (even though they don’t do it justice).

Super Moon
Beach Moon

Sunday morning, Mr. Gray and I were up and ready to head to the beach, but it was raining. We sat on the balcony and watched it rain before heading out. The waves were a little rougher when we got to the water, but it made for good boogie boarding. 

We grabbed some lunch and headed to the snorkel boat. We hopped on and headed out!

Snorkel Boat

They gave us our gear



and in we went!

This photo does not do the water justice. It was clear and gorgeous. 

We snorkeled in two spots and then were back on the boat. They told us there was a chance we might see some dolphins, but we tried to see them on the jet skis the day before, so I wasn’t too hopeful. Wow was I wrong. We saw tons! They were splashing and playing, going under the boat, and getting so close to us. It was the coolest thing. As we were all snapping iPhone photos frantically, the captain suggested videoing instead of trying to get still shots. Duh. Oh well, M got this great photo of the dolphin jumping out of the water (apparently this is pretty rare, but they were all doing it). RDG thought she was videoing, but it wasn’t recording, and I had already put my phone away. I didn’t want to miss anything.


We were out in the Gulf to see them and the pass was really rough after the weather that morning. It was worth it, though (I might have been singing a different tune had we capsized).

Massages and dinner were up next then we headed to this little amusement park we had been seeing (think Celebration Station from back in the good ol’ days). Mr. Gray and M flew through the air!

RDG sat, watched, and tried to sympathize. 

They had a blast! Go carts and bumper boats were up next. So fun!

I wasn’t ready to come home Monday, but I was sure glad to see this guy Tuesday morning.


Where are we headed next?


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