Boy Love

A few things I’m lovin’ about Baby Gray right now:

  • While he still has no interest in snuggling, he tells me he loves me at various points throughout the day and will randomly walk up to give me a kiss. Melts my heart. 
  • His great big laugh! 
  • No more poopy diapers! Yes, I said it. We are done with diapers! (Except for sleeping, but those are mostly dry.) Undies hooray!
  • He is so curious. I love his inquiries and his thoughts.Well, the first 100 or so of the day.
  • We are getting to do some more “big kid” stuff lately. It’s scary and fun all at the same time. 
  • His independence. He can still use a little push sometimes, but I love that he’s getting out there! 


  1. I'm sad for you that he doesn't like to cuddle, as M will drop everything to cuddle at any time. I love those moments! But at least he's verbal about his momma love!

    And yay for big boy undies and yay for chatty kids. They make everyday interesting!

  2. So fun to read – and a great reminder to cherish all those little moments before the disappear! (Except the diapers. Those can disappear whenever! 🙂 )

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