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Last week, I had a confession–that I couldn’t remember. As I drove down the highway yesterday, it came back to me.


It’s not as funny now as I originally thought it was. Maybe I won’t share after all.

Okay, I will. I’ll share the forgotten confession. Drum roll, please.

I check the mail for money before I leave the house. Every time. (See? It’s not that funny anymore.) If I’m leaving the house and the mail carrier has already come, I’m checking. A big thanks to Rooster for notifying me of his arrival. NOT!


Do I receive money in the mail often, you might be wondering; no, no I don’t. But I won’t miss it if I do!

When I was in college, Granddaddy would send me a check every month. (I hope he did that for the rest of you, or I just spilled the beans!) I loved when those checks came! Papa would send a me check every now and then, too. So I still check for money. Daily. These days it’s mostly Lego Club Junior (it’s free; get it for the kids) and Highlights High Five that fill the mailbox, but I’m ready when the money starts rolling in!

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  1. I do think it's funny. The first time I met my neighbor down the road, while standing there talking he said "here comes the mailman, I'll see if he brought the check." (I thought cool, he's going to get some money in the mail (silly me). Then "no check". I thought he was serious. Turns out he was like you…just wanting one but never knowing if one would show up. Good practice though…you never know!

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