Reason #83758367429384

While out and about during last weekend’s panhandle adventure, we ate lots of good food and had no shortage of desserts. We were introduced to Blue Bell’s Homemade in the Shade, and I was in love. So delicious.

Homemade in the Shade

Now, I’m not one for much “stuff” in my ice cream, I’ll have chocolate or vanilla with chocolate syrup or cookie dough, but that’s about as wild as I get. That’s what makes this perfect–it’s vanilla with some amazing chocolate (more fudgy than syrupy) in it!

Monday, we spent the day resting and recuperating after getting home at 6:00 am. Mr. Gray had a test, so he napped and headed to class. Imagine my surprise when he walked in at almost 9:00 pm, super tired, with a grocery bag containing ice cream! This man definitely knows the way to my heart! It’s just reason number 83758367429384 (and then some) why I have the best husband ever!

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