The One In Which I Appear to Watch Many Movies

Since I’m not home for Valentine’s Day with Mr. Gray, I thought I’d relive one of my favorites from our past.

I’d like to claim I’m not a grand gesture kind of girl, but I’d be lying. I’ve watched one-too-many romantic comedies, and I’m pretty sure that skews my ideas about how real life should play out sometimes. Take, for instance, Valentine’s Day in high school while living at home with your parents (who are actual parents and not some non-existent role in a movie). That is quite the opportunity for a grand gesture, no?


Mr. Gray did it, though. I don’t remember if he picked me up or if I drove out to his house (does that mean it was a dream a la that Leonardo DiCaprio dream movie?), but when I got there, he had a card table in the living room, set for two. Candles were lit all over the room, including the fireplace. The kitchen was his staging area, but the lights were still low. The TV was on a music station rockin’ some love tunes, and he had all my favorite foods (even some that didn’t quite go with the dinner) prepared. He made it all himself. He paid such attention to detail. We had appetizers, dinner, and dessert. They were all delicious.

It was impressive. Not that I needed impressing at that point since I knew at sixteen I was going to marry him, but I more-than-appreciated the thought and detail that went into the dinner. It was one of my favorite evenings. It is one of those times that reminds me I don’t need Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for life to be true. I don’t have a single photo from that evening, but I remember tons of details (not one of which is what I wore, which, if you know me is strange, strange, strange). Twelve years later, and he still picks up on the details.

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