Funny Fashion

Lately Baby Gray has been into dressing the part of whatever he’s doing. Whatever he happens to have on his head turns into a cowboy hat, a hockey helmet, or a batting helmet, among other things. He’s always got something up his sleeve!

Here he is, on two different occasions, all ready to play baseball!


Excuse the blurriness, this one was taken through the window screen, but it’s so adorable to me. He has on Mr. Gray’s college baseball cap and my batting gloves, or “baseball mittens,” as he calls them. So cute! 

Then it was time to play a little hockey!


Once his hockey game was over, we had an errand or two to run. Who knew grunge (complete with athletic pants and boots) was back in style?


Later it was time for work; his hard hat says “Boss” on it, which, of course, made me think of the joke:

What do you call an Aggie after graduation? 

Seemed fitting.


He got in touch with his artsy side this week, too. Although, he was not excited about the smock at all.


Sometimes, though, he’s still just our silly boy!

Socks & TOMS

He’s definitely always awesome.


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