Where’s Your Joy?

As part of this week of New Year’s Revolution, we were encouraged to read Psalm 100 and reflect on the things we are joyful for today. As we have fasted, I have actually found myself doing this pretty naturally (you know, when I’m not pretending the strawberries I’m eating are a brownie).

Many things bring me joy, but I am so grateful for a husband who provides for us and leads our family well. 

Aren’t those blue eyes gorgeous? 

Our son brings so much joy–to everyone he encounters! He is a light, and I pray he will continue to use that for the Kingdom as he grows. 


Blessings. I have been most acutely aware of this while we are fasting, but we have an abundance of food, warm clothes, and so much more. Our Father cares for us well. We work to be use all that we have to show others His blessings and provision.

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